Tarot A Vandana

ಪರಿಣತಿ: Tarot Reading, Reiki

ಅನುಭವ: 10 + Years of Experience

ಭಾಷೆ: English, Hindi, Telugu

ಸಮಾಲೋಚನೆ ಶುಲ್ಕಗಳು:
30/ನಿಮಿಷ 180/ನಿಮಿಷ
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ಸಮಾಲೋಚನೆ ಶುಲ್ಕಗಳು

30/ನಿಮಿಷ 180/ನಿಮಿಷ

About Tarot A Vandana

Tarot Vandana is a seasoned practitioner with over a decade of expertise in both tarot reading and Reiki healing. With an intuitive understanding of the mystical symbolism of the tarot cards, she offers profound insights into past, present, and future events, guiding individuals towards clarity and empowerment.

\Vandana's tarot readings are renowned for their accuracy, compassion, and practical guidance, helping clients navigate life's challenges and embrace opportunities for growth. In addition to her mastery of tarot, Vandana is a skilled Reiki practitioner, channeling universal life force energy to promote holistic healing and well-being.

\Through her gentle touch and compassionate presence, she facilitates emotional, physical, and spiritual healing, bringing balance and harmony to those she serves. Vandana's unique blend of tarot reading and Reiki healing offers seekers a comprehensive approach to self-discovery, transformation, and empowerment on their journey of personal growth.



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Tarot Reading, Reiki

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