Acharya Naresh Chandra G

ಪರಿಣತಿ: Vedic, Kp System

ಅನುಭವ: 5 + Years of Experience

ಭಾಷೆ: Hindi, English

ಸಮಾಲೋಚನೆ ಶುಲ್ಕಗಳು:
15/ನಿಮಿಷ 190/ನಿಮಿಷ
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ಸಮಾಲೋಚನೆ ಶುಲ್ಕಗಳು

15/ನಿಮಿಷ 190/ನಿಮಿಷ

About Acharya Naresh Chandra G

Astrologer Acharya Naresh has over a half-decade of experience in the field of astrology. One of the major subfields in the study of astrology, Vedic, is one in which he is well-versed. He also has extensive knowledge in the KP System. He is empathetic and considerate, and he seeks out answers to his clients' concerns that are constructive. In the past, Acharya Naresh has been a huge benefit to hundreds of individuals, and he is still on this road. He gives his great and brilliant knowledge freely to all who ask for his astute counsel. He offers advice in many different areas, including business, job, marriage, and love life. Acharya Naresh is available if you need someone to fix problems.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Sanskrit Hemvati Nandan Bahuguna Garhwal University

ಫೋಕಸ್ ಪ್ರದೇಶ

Vedic, KP System

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