Acharya Shivam Ra

विशेषज्ञता: Vedic, Prashna / Horary

अनुभव: 9 + Years of Experience

भाषा: Hindi, English

परामर्श शुल्क :
34/मिनट 200/मिनट
User Rating:
107 फॉलोअर्स

परामर्श शुल्क

34/मिनट 200/मिनट

About Acharya Shivam Ra

Acharya Shivam, with almost a decade of expertise, stands as a distinguished authority in Vedic and Prashna (Horary) astrology. His profound knowledge and commitment to these ancient sciences have positioned him as a trusted guide in deciphering celestial influences on individuals' lives. Acharya Shivam's mastery extends to unraveling the mysteries of Vedic astrology, providing insightful predictions and guidance. With a rich background in Prashna astrology, he excels in answering specific queries, offering clarity and solutions. Renowned for his precision and deep understanding, Acharya Shivam continues to illuminate the paths of those seeking astrological wisdom, navigating the complexities of life with profound insights derived from the timeless traditions of Vedic astrology.



विशेषज्ञता का मुख्य क्षेत्र

Vedic, Prashna / Horary

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