Acharya Sayak

નિપુણતા: Kp System, Face Reading

અનુભવ: 5 + Years of Experience

ભાષા: Hindi, English, Bengali

કન્સલ્ટેશન ચાર્જ:
14/મિનિટ 84/મિનિટ
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કન્સલ્ટેશન ચાર્જ

14/મિનિટ 84/મિનિટ

About Acharya Sayak

Meet Sayak, an adept practitioner and KP System Expert with over half a decade of mastery in the intricacies of the KP System and the art of Face Reading.

Proficient in Hindi, Bengali, and English, Sayak crafts insightful sessions that bridge linguistic gaps. His expertise lies in decoding the celestial language of the KP System, offering precision and depth to astrological insights. Additionally, his proficiency in Face Reading adds a unique dimension to understanding individual characteristics.

Step into a realm where cosmic wisdom meets the nuances of facial expressions with Sayak, and let his blend of astrological precision and face-reading finesse illuminate the path to self-discovery and life's profound revelations.

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KP System,Face Reading

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