Tarot Ritesh

विशेषज्ञता: Tarot Reading, Crystal Healing, Angel Reading, Face Reading

अनुभव: 6 + Years of Experience

भाषा: Hindi, English

परामर्श शुल्क :
32/मिनट 160/मिनट
User Rating:
2595 फॉलोअर्स

परामर्श शुल्क

32/मिनट 160/मिनट

About Tarot Ritesh

Tarot Ritesh is a seasoned practitioner with over half a decade of expertise in Tarot Reading, Crystal Healing, Angel Reading, and Face Reading. His intuitive mastery allows him to delve into the spiritual realms, providing profound insights and clarity.

Clients benefit from Ritesh's compassionate approach and his ability to decode the language of symbols, crystals, and angelic guidance. A dedicated professional, Ritesh weaves together ancient wisdom and contemporary understanding to offer holistic perspectives.

His commitment to enhancing lives through spiritual exploration is evident in every session, making him a trusted guide for those seeking profound self-discovery and healing.



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