Acharya Narayana R

નિપુણતા: Vedic, Kp System

અનુભવ: 18 + Years of Experience

ભાષા: English, Telugu

કન્સલ્ટેશન ચાર્જ:
20/મિનિટ 120/મિનિટ
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કન્સલ્ટેશન ચાર્જ

20/મિનિટ 120/મિનિટ

About Acharya Narayana R

Acharya Narayan, with a wealth of experience spanning two decades, is a distinguished expert in the realms of Vedic Astrology and the KP System. His profound knowledge and dedicated practice have solidified his reputation as an accomplished Acharya in these domains.

Specializing in Vedic Astrology, Acharya Narayan adeptly navigates the intricate principles of this ancient system, offering insights into cosmic influences and predictions. Additionally, his proficiency in the KP System further enriches his astrological repertoire, providing a nuanced approach to predictive analysis.

With an unwavering commitment to his craft, Acharya Narayan continues to contribute significantly to the understanding and application of Vedic Astrology and the KP System, earning the trust and admiration of those seeking astrological guidance.


Master of Arts in Jyothisham from Potti Sreeramulu Telugu University.

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Vedic, KP System

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