Acharyaa Monika Gogna

विशेषज्ञता: Vedic

अनुभव: 3 + Years of Experience

भाषा: English, Hindi, Punjabi

परामर्श शुल्क :
45/मिनट 72/मिनट
User Rating:
1624 फॉलोअर्स

परामर्श शुल्क

45/मिनट 72/मिनट

About Acharyaa Monika Gogna

Acharyaa Monika Gogna is a renowned astrologer who specializes in Vedic Astrology. She is well-versed in the concepts of Vedic Science and has been providing consultations for a few years now in Hindi, English and Punjabi. She studied astrology and did a thorough research on the subject to get an in-depth knowledge about the divinity of this science. Our karma, she believes, is the most significant component that decides our fate. Our problems will not be solved by astrology alone until and unless we are mindful of our karmic activities. To make our lives better and healthier, we must strike a balance between these factors. She can also use numerous Vedic Astrology methods to deliver methodical and correct remedies to current and future difficulties. In addition, if you have any concerns about your married life, relationship, money, property, or health, she is there to assist you in the most effective and assertive manner possible.

उपलब्ध समय

09:00 AM to 02:00 PM



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