Tarot Manali J

विशेषज्ञता: Tarot Reading

अनुभव: 2 + Years of Experience

भाषा: Hindi, Gujarati

परामर्श शुल्क :
12/मिनट 72/मिनट
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275 फॉलोअर्स

परामर्श शुल्क

12/मिनट 72/मिनट

About Tarot Manali J

Tarot Manali, a seasoned practitioner with several years of expertise, stands as a luminary in the realm of Tarot Card Reading. With a profound connection to the mystical symbolism of the cards, Manali unveils the tapestry of fate, offering seekers insights into their life's unfolding chapters. Her approach to Tarot goes beyond predictions, delving into the depths of personal growth and self-discovery.

Seekers turn to Tarot Manali for a glimpse into the unseen, where intuition meets the structured symbolism of the cards. Her commitment to the art of Tarot reflects not just knowledge but a deep understanding of the human journey, making her a trusted guide for those navigating the twists and turns of their destinies.


Certified Tarot Reader from Astrology Club
Certified Reiki Healer from Usui Shiki Rhoyo.

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Tarot Reading

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