Acharya Hosal

નિપુણતા: Vedic, Love Relationship, Marriage, Health, Career

અનુભવ: 4 + Years of Experience

ભાષા: Hindi

કન્સલ્ટેશન ચાર્જ:
21/મિનિટ 30/મિનિટ
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કન્સલ્ટેશન ચાર્જ

21/મિનિટ 30/મિનિટ

About Acharya Hosal

Acharya Hosal has acquired 4 years of experience in the field of Vedic Astrology and offered a maximum duration of his life exploring the depths of this subject. Even before getting associated with astrology as a career option, he started developing an interest in this very field from his very childhood.

Helping people in times of their need has always been his prerogative. He believes that people who know and understand a thing or two about one's past, present and future should make themselves available to help people when they need it the most.

With Vedic Astrology as his primary area of interest, he has given wings to the dreams of many people so far and wishes to continue doing so for the rest of his life.

ઉપલબ્ધ સમય

6 PM - 11 PM


MDSU, Ajmer.

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