Tarot Preeti Ma

Expertise: Tarot Reading, Angel Reading. Pendulum Dowsing

Experience: 1 + Years of Experience

Language: English, Hindi, Punjabi

Consultation Charges:
12/min 66/min
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Consultation Charges

12/min 66/min

About Tarot Preeti Ma

Tarot Preeti, a seasoned practitioner with several years of expertise in Tarot Card Reading, shines as a beacon of mystical insight and guidance. Through her dedicated journey in the art of Tarot, she has honed her intuitive abilities, offering seekers profound glimpses into the tapestry of their lives.

With a deck of cards as her medium, Tarot Preeti deciphers the hidden messages and energies that surround individuals, providing them with deep self-awareness and clarity. Her readings have been instrumental in helping people find answers to pressing questions, navigate complex life situations, and gain a deeper understanding of their spiritual journey.

Tarot Preeti's unwavering commitment to Tarot Card Reading has earned her the trust and admiration of many. She continues to illuminate the paths of those fortunate enough to seek her guidance, solidifying her esteemed status as a revered luminary in the realm of divination and mysticism.


Certified Pendulum Dowser from Suryanshm School of Astrology
Certified Angel Card Reader

Focus Area

Tarot Reading, Angel Reading. Pendulum Dowsing

Languages Known:


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