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Right from our childhood, we are influenced by someone and we grow with deep bound aspirations. They lead our career we choose to follow as we grow. But often the motivation decreases as we are faced with back to back hardships. A career astrologer is always there to help you in such scenarios. Talk to the best career astrologer in india online at AstroSage Varta and walk on the path of a successful career.

The life of each person depends on his or her profession or company and development. You can decide the best possible occupation or business sector for a native with the help of Vedic Astrology. Success in a profession or organisation often relies on dasa and transit, so we take note that the profession should be one that is assisted in life by significant dasa when deciding the career.

A good career astrologer can help you with your career according to astrology. Call us today for a free online career consultation by the best career astrologers.

Online Career Prediction by Date Of Birth

Career astrology consultation is mostly sought by parents to understand the area in which their children will succeed. In this era of competitiveness and vast opportunities, it is most important to obtain accurate career horoscope guidance. The only information career astrologer requires is your date of birth and the place. You can receive your online career prediction by date of birth. Birth chart or Kundali career prediction reading emphasises the power of several planets in a horoscope and thus directs a native in this modern age to choose a job or company as an occupation.

With the assistance of the birth map, the Career Prediction by Kundali and occupation prediction by astrology are both made. A career astrologer measures the birth chart with only the time and place of birth, which helps to identify the best career opportunities for you along with the celestial roles and their malicious and beneficent characteristics. Your jobs and professional life are determined based on these astrological factors.

Factors that affect Career Prediction in Vedic Astrology

A birth chart is enough to understand the potential and it also reveals what skills a native is lacking so that it could be rectified with available resources. The astrologers study the three major factors to calculate and answer any question related to career and profession.

  • The factor of major importance is Planet Saturn. The planets that are aspecting Saturn and if they're malefic or benefic.
  • The second point to consider in the birth chart is the place of the moon.
  • Third and the most important is the 10th house in the birth chart. The house lord of the 10th house and the planets aspecting this house are great determining factors.

Our eminent career astrologers provide online career and business astrology consultation. In which they answer questions such as the type of career one should choose, ups and downs in career or business and amount of success in life.

Free Online Career Astrology Consultation

Do you want to know when you will get a stable job? Are you always worried about your promotion? Are you planning to start your own business? You are just at the right place--at AstroSage Varta. One premium feature that we provide to our clientele is the access to free career astrologers online. Get answers to your questions today by our career astrology experts. A free online career astrology consultation is all you need.

A big benefit of online career astrology consultation is that it can help the native to understand what profession will be better suited to him/her. Although most individuals have not given much thought to what they will pursue as a career, when they are young, because of parental pressure or peer pressure, many just get forced into some area. Although that profession may still work for them, job satisfaction may not exist. Online free career astrology consultation by our online career astrologers can help you know which path to choose.

The astrologer studies the native?s birth chart and gets to know about his personality. When a person does something he loves, something that interests him and something that appeals to his personality, half of the fight is always won. Otherwise, a career can be boring, the work becomes a work for the day to be completed and finished with. These individuals do not see any promotions coming their way or feel motivated to work for them. Get your free online career prediction today by our career astrologers.

Career Horoscope Report

The significance of the career horoscope report lies in the fact that it reveals the unique placements of the stars and planets at the time of your birth that decide the general pattern of your career life events. The career horoscope is studied by career astrologers to capture and interpret the meanings of celestial design to give valuable career guidelines.

A thorough analysis of a career horoscope report will help you in getting your free career astrology prediction! It will tell you about all the astrological elements that affect your character, characteristics, family, income, health , education, marriage and more. To know how you can be successful in your career and reach great heights, get your career horoscope report today.

Your success factor is therefore decided at the right time by the correct decision, but a wrong career decision could land you in a difficult process. If you frequently suffer financial losses in your business, you can rely on career astrology without a shred of doubt. So, get your vedic career horoscope report from best-in-industry online career astrologers today to get your responses related to work promotions, career projections, government jobs, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does a career horoscope chart help in knowing about one?s career?

With the help of a horoscope chart, the astrologers measure the correct location of the planets and zodiac signs along with this knowledge, and correctly forecast the native 's future, study his nature, interests and aptitude while zeroing down on the career best suited for him.With the help of a horoscope chart, the astrologers measure the correct location of the planets and zodiac signs along with this knowledge, and correctly forecast the native 's future, study his nature, interests and aptitude while zeroing down on the career best suited for him.

2. Which houses are of great importance in career astrology prediction?

The given houses are studied to understand what profession will better suit a native---The Second House (is of ownership and finances), the Sixth House (is of work) and the Tenth House (is of profession, rank and reputation).

3. What if I choose a profession that is not predicted by the astrologer?

The purpose of the astrologer is to make you know about your strengths and weaknesses. In such cases your career astrologer will guide you to perform a few remedies to remove any hurdles.

4. How can I contact a career astrologer in Varta?

You can see the names and ratings of our astrology maestros above. Filter out as per the category of your requirement. Log in to Varta and contact your preferred career astrologer straightaway.



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