Tarot Shreyash

দক্ষতা: Tarot Reading

অভিজ্ঞতা: 1 + Years of Experience

ভাষা : Hindi, English, Marathi

পরামর্শ চার্জ:
20/মিনিট 180/মিনিট
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পরামর্শ চার্জ

20/মিনিট 180/মিনিট

About Tarot Shreyash

Meet Tarot Shreyash, a seasoned practitioner with an extensive background in Tarot Card Reading cultivated over several years. His profound connection with the cards allows him to unveil the mysteries of your past, present, and future.

Tarot Shreyash offers personalized and insightful readings, guiding you through life's complexities with clarity and intuition. His expertise extends beyond the traditional interpretations, infusing each reading with a unique perspective that resonates with your spiritual journey.

Whether seeking answers about love, career, or personal growth, Tarot Shreyash empowers you to make informed decisions. Trust in his years of experience and intuitive insights for a transformative and enlightening Tarot experience that transcends the ordinary, providing a deeper understanding of the cosmic forces influencing your life.


Certified Tarot Reader from Udemy.

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Tarot Reading

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