Acharyaa Seema G

Acharyaa Seema G

  • Vedic, Prashna / Horary, Muhurta
  • 10 + Years of Experience
  • Hindi
  • 18/min 108/min

Consultation Charges

18/min 108/min

About Acharyaa Seema G

Acharyaa Seema has long been a specialist in Vedic astrology. In addition, she holds expertise in Prashna/Horary, and Muhurat.

Acharyaa Seema became interested in astrology as she came to understand its charm and power. When she learned that Vedic Astrology is the only method available to the average person for resolving any issue, she became attracted to it. In this universe, there are things and mysteries that are kept secret. Through a connection to one's soul, which holds the key to their innermost secrets, one can establish a connection to the cosmos in this manner.

Acharyaa Seema has always wished to be a part of the astrological community that aids those in need.


Bachelor of Arts from Kanpur University

Focus Area

Vedic, Prashna / Horary, Muhurta

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