Acharyaa Priyanka Motwani

Acharyaa Priyanka Motwani

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About Acharyaa Priyanka Motwani

Astrology has always been a topic of mystery and fascination for Priyanka since childhood, which she finally decided to pursue long after excelling my grades and completing her graduation in Science (B.Sc) in the year 1993. Being a homemaker, there are priorities one needs to manage and cater, but that didn't deter her from fulfilling her dream of dwelling into the magical world of astrology.

Finally in 2008, she went ahead with her instincts, applied for the course and attained the PG Diploma in Vedic Astrology from Institute of Vedic Astrology, Indore with 85%. This cemented her determination and even now, the spirit to learn while helping others find their path in life has not vanished at all in her.

Priyanka has always aimed to help people one way or another, which is why providing astrology consultations and guidance to people suffering from the worst life situations has helped her feel satisfied mentally. She is capable of assessing and analysing the personality of an individual based on planetary positions in their Lagna chart, their nakshatras, occurrence of events based on Dashas and Transits and strength and dignity of planets present.

With an expertise in Vedic Astrology, commonly known as Parashari or Traditional Astrology, she tends to enhance her knowledge by reading astrology books and blogs or watching videos on YouTube which covers numerous aspects of Vedic Astrology. Such astrology tactics have profoundly helped her clients to a greater extent and allowed them to get a hold of their destiny in the best possible way.

Priyanka has been helping people reinvent their lives through the divine medium of astrology for the past five years, and has envisioned herself healing people through the power of Vedic Astrology.

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Morning : 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM, Evening : 8PM to 11 PM


B.Sc. (Mumbai University ) , secured 1 st class (1993)
PG Diploma Vedic Astrology (Institute of Vedic Astrology , Indore . secured 85% (2008)

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