Astro Naveen S

Expertise: Vedic, Kp System, Marriage Matching, Face Reading

Experience: 3 + Years of Experience

Language: English, Tamil

Consultation Charges:
15/min 100/min
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Consultation Charges

15/min 100/min

About Astro Naveen S

Acharya Naveen is a distinguished expert in Vedic astrology, KP System, Marriage Matching, and Face Reading, offering profound insights and guidance. Fluent in English and Tamil, he has been providing exceptional astrological services for several years. Acharya Naveen's comprehensive expertise allows him to analyze astrological charts with precision, predict future events, and offer personalized solutions to life's challenges.

Specializing in Marriage Matching, Acharya Naveen assists individuals and couples in finding harmonious and compatible life partners. His proficiency in the KP System enhances the accuracy of his predictions, making him a reliable advisor for career, health, and personal growth decisions. Additionally, his skill in Face Reading provides unique insights into a person's character and potential.

Acharya Naveen's empathetic approach and clear communication ensure his clients feel understood and supported. His dedication to sharing traditional and modern astrological wisdom makes him a trusted and respected figure in the astrological community. Whether seeking guidance or compatibility analysis, clients consistently turn to Acharya Naveen for his expert advice and insightful readings.


Bachelor Of Science from Vellore

Focus Area

Vedic, KP System, Marriage Matching, Face Reading

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