Acharyaa Manju Ch

দক্ষতা: Vedic, Tarot Reading, Numerology

অভিজ্ঞতা: 18 + Years of Experience

ভাষা : English, Hindi

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25/মিনিট 132/মিনিট
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25/মিনিট 132/মিনিট

About Acharyaa Manju Ch

These days people are going through the problems without knowing any way to deal with them. These people are not living but suffering. For such people, Acharyaa Manju has come as a blessing in their life. She is one of the most experienced and respected astrologers who has devoted her life for the betterment of mankind and only finds peace in healing people. Acharyaa Manju is qualified in different areas of astrology. She has acquired knowledge of Vedic Astrology, KP System, Ashtakvarga, Prashna/Horary and Marriage Making. Apart from this, she has also tried her hand in occult science and obtained skills in Tarot Card Reading and Numerology. Being the most valuable astrologer in her town, Acharyaa Manju is a humble and kind person. She doesn't believe in flaunting her success, but to give her best and error-free results to her clients. If you are curious to get solutions to your problems, talk to Acharyaa Manju.

উপলব্ধ সময়

12:00 PM to 03:00 PM & 05:00 PM to 06:00 PM


Bachelor of Arts from University of Delhi; Jyotish Praveena & Jyotish Visharada from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences

নির্বাচিত এলাকা

Vedic, KP System, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Marriage Matching, Ashtakvarga, Prashna / Horary

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