Acharya Maneshwar Singh Kondal

Acharya Maneshwar Singh Kondal

  • Lal Kitab, Vastu
  • 33 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
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About Acharya Maneshwar Singh Kondal

Planets are just like our beloved. Understand their temperament, behave with them tenderly, play with them, ride on them, otherwise they will swallow you. Every conceivable object, person, place,quality etc. in the world is represented in astrology by a planet permanently.

It is the art of recognizing the planets in anything and everything,combining their karaktawa, relatively applying it anywhere and everywhere is the key to success of any astrologer and his knowledge too. As medical science has no use if we are only told about the ailment and not given its cure. So astrology being the mother of all sciences has no utility, if it only predicts and does not give effective remedies to keep the problems at bay.



Focus Area

Vaastu in relevance to astrology for better living and finding different concept of remedies and base for getting relief as per modern living along with traditional remedies.


Hail from a religious and medium class Sikh family from north India in Punjab state presently being at Jalandhar engaged in the service of humanity by the grace of GOD who has given me the strength and knowledge to serve people with the divine science of astrology.


For knowing that what is stored in future when, where, why, which, whom, who how certain things will happen and in which manner certain formalities and rites are to be observed with the accuracy of time ,quantity and place or the right words to be pronounced for getting rid of problems of life in accordance with the mother nature.


Reading books, meditation, spiritualism and badminton


Going on air with programmes on Vaastu and Astrology on television Doordarshan Punjabi Channel for the last 10 years regularly till date. Along with this, writing articles for Daily Newspapers like Dainik Jagran Jalandhar Punjab edition and regularly attached with different astrological forums.

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