Tarot Laxmi P

দক্ষতা: Tarot Reading, Angel Reading, Face Reading

অভিজ্ঞতা: 6 + Years of Experience

ভাষা : Hindi, English, Nepali

পরামর্শ চার্জ:
19/মিনিট 90/মিনিট
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পরামর্শ চার্জ

19/মিনিট 90/মিনিট

About Tarot Laxmi P

For over half a decade, Tarot Laxmi has been a beacon of insight, harnessing the ancient arts of Tarot, Angel, and Face Reading. With each deck or visage, she unveils the unseen, deciphering messages from realms beyond the ordinary. Through Tarot, she decodes the intricate dance of fate, offering guidance and illumination to those who seek her counsel.

With Angel Reading, she connects seekers to celestial energies, guiding them with divine wisdom and grace. Face Reading, her lesser-known skill, reveals the hidden truths etched upon each visage, offering profound insights into character and destiny. Tarot Laxmi's expertise transcends the mundane, weaving a tapestry of understanding and empowerment for those who venture into her realm.

In her hands, the mysteries of the universe unfold, offering solace, clarity, and direction to all who seek her guidance.

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Tarot Reading, Angel Reading, Face Reading

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