Dr. Lakshmi Shalini

Dr. Lakshmi Shalini

  • Vedic, Kp, Horary
  • 5 + Years of Experience
  • English, Telugu
  • 80/min 160/min

Consultation Charges

160 80/min

About Dr. Lakshmi Shalini

INTUITION is the gift of our soul. I was born with it. By God’s grace I can predict the future and prescribe the best remedies to any kind of problem. I have 4.5 Years of experience in this field. I am a Panchang writer too.

I worked for many International organisations and dealt with different clients like celebrities and Politicians also. I have also earned awareness about the society, people and their mentalities and problems. So, my primary motive is to help people by interpreting them the language of planets and leading their way of blissful living.

I have done My Masters and PhD in Astrology as well as P.G Diploma in Jyotir Vastu. I have an iota of clients nationally and internationally by sending them detailed reports. My main aim is to focus on my client’s problems and giving the best possible remedies which will take less time, expenditure and huge benefits at the same time. I have also been awarded with two titles “Jyotisha Bhaskara” and “Jyotisha Vidyabhushan”. in K.P Astrology.


B-tech M.A astrology P.G diploma in Jyotirvasthu PhD in Astrology

Focus Area

Astro medicine, Medical Astrology,Education, Financial improvement,Business, Job, Marriage, Love Marriage, Re-union,Divorce,Child Birth, Vasthu Foriegn travel, Purchase of property, Missing person or thing,Peace of Mind,Gem suggestion, Simple Remedies.


I was driven by people with various problems since childhood. It is my passion to find solutions for them. I was born with the gift of intuition and destiny decided my direction towards this profession of giving Astro-Medicine to society and my interest in this field kept developing.


Classical dance and music


Jyotish Bhaskara, Jyotish Vidyabhushan


I have Jyotish Bhaskara and Jyotish Vidya Bhushan titles in K.P astrology. I also wrote a Panchang for “Vikari” this year.

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