Acharya Dr. Ganesh Shastri

Acharya Dr. Ganesh Shastri

  • Vedic, Marriage, Muhurta
  • 28 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi
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About Acharya Dr. Ganesh Shastri

Acharya Ganesh Shastri belongs to a traditional Vedic family from Almora (Himalayas). After finishing his primary school, Dr Shastri came to learn and improve his Sanskrit Grammar and Astrology knowledge which was already gifted him by his forefathers availed by many generation and later on in between 1986 to 1997, he started studying Sanskrit Grammar, literature and language and after getting introduced to Vedic astrology, he learnt to differentiate between the truth and fake between

Along with learning and practicing astrology, Dr Ganesh achieved many rewards and degrees from many renowned institutions like Karmakand Prabhakar in 1992 from Akhand Vedang Mahavidyalaya and Shastri degree from Sampurnanand Sanskrit Vishva Vidyalaya (Varanasi ) in 1995

He is a postgraduate in language science from Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna University Srinagar (Garhwal ) in 1997 and after a major experience in Vedic Astrology, Dr Ganesh finished his PhD in matrimonial issues and their astronomical remedies from Indore in 2017 from (WAF)

While living in the Holy, tourist friendly and universal yoga capital hub, Rishikesh (Himalaya ) people from all over the world seeked to visit this place very often. This is how Dr Shastri came across with many scholars and learners of Vedic Astrology from almost every part of Europe, USA, Asia and other continents, and this only contributed to his fair share of knowledge and expertise.

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10.00 PM to 5 AM


Sampoornanand Sanskrit vishva vidyalaya , HNB university Shrinagar


Playing Tabla, Sitar and Doing Yoga



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