Acharya Dr. Abhay

Expertise: Vedic, Palmistry, Vastu

Experience: 25 + Years of Experience

Language: English, Hindi

Consultation Charges:
18/min 430/min
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Consultation Charges

18/min 430/min

About Acharya Dr. Abhay

Achraya Abhay always had an attraction towards Occult science since childhood, when he was in college in 1986-87. It was then that he started palm reading for his friends and gave predictions. His interest in this field has increased gradually, and latter predictions also came out to be true.

He has developed practical experiences by inviting the poor at home, feeding them and reading their hands for learning. He also visited different Jails and read the hands of prisoners and learnt the real experience. Then onwards, he started consulting Palmistry first, later started Vedic Astrology as well and gave excellent results to his customers over the years.

He also developed an inclination towards Vastu and brought in AstroVastu, which is Vastu specific to an individual's chart. By profession, Mr. Abhay is a Yunani medical doctor and practicing since 1998. His vast experience dealing with the public through the medical profession also helps him in the field of occult science like astrology. He wants to share his knowledge across the world so people can get benefited out of it.

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8 AM to 11 PM


BUMS, SHUT Burhanpur (1986)

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