Acharya Deboprakash

Acharya Deboprakash

  • KP, Nadi, Vedic
  • 18 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi, Bengali
  • 51/min

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About Acharya Deboprakash

A trusted guide who has helped thousands by providing specific information and practical suggestions.

If you too are looking for direction, suggestion and solution on issues related to love and marriage, business and job, education, children, relatives, property, investment, health, litigation, or any other areas of life that may concern you or anyone else you care for, then Acharya Deboprakash will help you to find the best way forward. Ask me to know how you can give your best to improve your situation.

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Monday to Friday
9AM to 12Noon
3PM to 5PM


Jyotish Vachaspati

Focus Area

Consultation and Research


It is said that astrology chooses you, not the other way. Astrology intrigued me since I was young. Later, my passion turned into my profession.




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