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Acharya Raman

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100 75/min

About Acharya Raman

I almost started my journey in astrology from 2002 onwards, after my MBA from M.P. and Sound Recording diploma from Mumbai University. I have been interested in astrology since my childhood but never tried it as I was always afraid of Maths and astrology is all about Math and Logic.

So I started from Vedic Astrology and then in around 2008 I got a book by Late Shri Suresh sahasne ji on KP Astrology, which was referred to me by my friend Mr. Devesh Upadhyaya and it was so interesting that all my time got used up in reading KP. Then I bought the 5 KP readers. All my KP understanding comes from the Sahasne Ji`s book which made it so simple that I was able to understand the 5 readers easily.

I have been associated with AstroSage since 2013 and it's been almost 7 years of an exciting journey practicing astrology for real. Though almost 17 years in Vedic Astrology and Numerology and a bit less in KP. KP is my primary focus now.

I feel astrology has been literally murdered by many Television Astrologers and it has lost its real purpose which is to find the accurate answers of the difficult questions of life which people face in their lives from time to time.

Practising KP Astrology gives me an innate satisfaction which I cannot describe in words. I keep reading still and collecting all kinds of horoscopes of many people with many kinds of problems and careers. Thanks to AstroSage, Shree Suresh Shane ji and KSK.


B.A, DASRR (Diploma in advanced sound recording and reproduction-bombay univarsity), Diploma in computer Hardware and networking, Digital Photograpghy.

Focus Area

I was interested in occult primarily and palmistry, numerology. I did palmistry, numerology for almost 12 years and then shifted to astrology because of the preciseness it provided in opening up the future curtains. I am not much interested in name, fame etc but I am very much interested in curing people`s lives in the right scientific and systematic way.


I come from an upper middle class family in Madhya Pradesh. My mother was a very pious woman and she always inclined me towards powers of faith ,God and such things.Today at this point in my life, I thank her everyday and I do wish to tell all who are reading this that GOD does exist and he is omnipresent. We have to develop ourselves to reach him.


I was interested in future telling since my childhood but it was in bits and pieces, not properly streamlined. Then from 2001-2, I started doing it properly in an organised manner. It gives me innate happiness to help someone out and provide relief from his/her problems.


Reading, Music, Movies


I really don’t know what should be called an achievement for an astrologer, except for the accuracy of predictions and good wishes from the clients. I am noting down a few of my predictions which in due course have come true.

I predicted the victory of Narendra Modi in the 2014 elections.
I predicted the victory of kejriwal during his very first time in elections.
I predicted the victory of kejriwal in the latest Delhi elections.
I predicted the victory of Narendra Modi in the 2019 elections.
I predicted the exact date of gangster Vikas Dubey’s arrest.
I predicted the encounter of Vikas Dubey.
I predicted the health status of Amitabh bachchan when he was tested positive for Covid-19.
I predicted the arrest of Rhea Chakraborty.
I predicted the demise of Hanumantha Koppad.
I predicted the victory of Shivraj singh in 2014 elections.
Since 2013, I have been predicting the outcome of IPL ,matches on AstroSage.
I have predicted the victory of Nadal in 2015.

I have made so many predictions that I don’t remember them myself and my humble request to all is to not to get influenced by them, as astrologers too have their fair share of good and bad times. It’s all about time, when the time is good, their predictions are accurate and vice versa. You can share your problems in detail with me so that I can give you the best possible solutions and remedies to make your life a better and prosperous one. even if you are up for short queries or on Varta, just treat an astrologer like a doctor in front of whom you share your complete problems.

My Availability: I try to be online as much as possible so that I can speak with more and more people and help them out and usually till 10 pm I am available everyday. If you find me offline, then you can call the customer care team and they will arrange a call with me asap and revert you instantly. Do give a review of the call experience as it will encourage me further to be associated with you all.

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