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Expertise: Vedic, Kp, Numerology

Experience: 18 + Years of Experience

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About Acharya Raman

Acharya Raman very much started his journey in astrology in 2002 onwards, after completing his MBA from M.P. and Sound Recording Diploma from Mumbai University.

He started with Vedic Astrology and then in around 2008, he was offered a book by Late Shri Suresh Sahasne Ji on KP Astrology, which was given to him by his friend Mr. Devesh Upadhyaya Ji. All of his KP knowledge and understanding comes from Sahasne Ji`s book which made it so simple that he was able to comprehend the 5 readers written by Late Shri K.S.Krishnamurthy ji easily.

He finds accuracy in the KP system and he has not practiced Vedic or any other system of astrology other than the KP system since 2008.

Practicing KP Astrology gives him an innate satisfaction. He is also a well-renowned KP expert having a global following and to prove it below are his few of the most famous predictions. You can read more on our site.

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Till 9 PM Everyday.


B.A, DASRR (Diploma in advanced sound recording and reproduction-Bombay university),
Diploma in Computer Hardware and networking, Digital Photography.

Focus Area

KP Astrology is his focus area since 2012 onwards, he was interested in occult primarily along with Palmistry and Numerology.


He comes from an upper-middle-class family in Madhya Pradesh. His mother was a very pious woman and she always inclined him towards powers of faith, God, and such things.


He was interested in future telling since his childhood but it was in bits and pieces, not properly streamlined. He has worked in sales- concept and product domains, the computer Hardware industry, the financial advisory industry, and the Astrology industry and now he is a full-time astrologer with the Astro sage panel.


Reading more and more on Astrology, Religion, Hinduism, Music, Movies


Here is a list of the famous predictions made by Acharya Raman.

1. Vikas Dube's Arrest.
2. Vikas Dube's Encounter.
3. Wrestler Sushil Kumar’s Arrest.
4. World Cup T-20 Final Match Prediction.


Kindly make sure that you have some genuine serious problem and not looking to surf through time before calling me. I try to be online as much as possible so that I can speak with more and more people and help them out and usually till 9 pm I am available every day. If you find me offline, then you can call the customer care team and they will arrange a call with me asap and revert you instantly.

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