Tarot Vidhi Si

நிபுணர்: Tarot Reading

அனுபவம்: 3 + Years of Experience

மொழி : Hindi

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12/நிமி 66/நிமி
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12/நிமி 66/நிமி

About Tarot Vidhi Si

Tarot Vidhi has been fascinated by the various ways the universe tries to communicate with humanity since she was a child. Her interests blossomed into a passion, which led to her professional career choice! In a short period, she has established herself as a well-known and reputable Tarot Card Reader. Her understanding of each client''s issue, regardless of who they are or where they come from, her loving nature, and her extensive knowledge of Tarot cards have enabled her to assist individuals to the best of her ability. For additional information, contact Tarot Vidhi.


Completed B.A from Dr Ram Manohar Lohia Avadh University

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Tarot Reading

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