Acharyaa Tina

विशेषज्ञता: Vedic, Tarot Reading

अनुभव: 6 + Years of Experience

भाषा: Hindi, English, Marathi, Gujarati

सल्ला शुल्क:
16/मिनिटे 61/मिनिटे
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सल्ला शुल्क

16/मिनिटे 61/मिनिटे

About Acharyaa Tina

Acharyaa Tina has more than a semi-decade of experience working in the astrological field. She has spent many years using her knowledge of Vedic Astrology, Reiki, Pendulum Dowsing, Prashna/Horary, Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading, Face Reading etcetera for the betterment of mankind. She has studied many kundlis so far in her astrology career. The customers she has assisted are currently leading happy and fruitful lives. She entered their lives at a time when everything seemed hopeless as a source of joy and optimism. She learned these remarkable abilities from her teachers and is now doing mind-blowing work in her line of employment. She has gained recognition and admiration for helping others in their hour of need.


Masters in Philosophy from Mumbai University

फोकस एरिया

Vedic, Tarot Reading, Western, Reiki, Pendulum Dowsing, Psychic Reading, Face Reading

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