Tarot Tavisha

विशेषज्ञता: Tarot Reading, Reiki, Crystal Healing

अनुभव: 7 + Years of Experience

भाषा: English, Hindi

सल्ला शुल्क:
60/मिनिटे 430/मिनिटे
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सल्ला शुल्क

60/मिनिटे 430/मिनिटे

About Tarot Tavisha

Tarot Tavisha is certified in this area as a Tarot Card Reader. She has dedicated more than ten years of her life to becoming skilled in Tarot Card Reading, Reiki, Pendulum Dowsing, Psychic Reading and many more domains. She has been providing benchmark services ever since she started her business. Given the size of her clientele, many of them are even willing to wait in a lengthy line to consult. Naturally, she has a thorough understanding of Tarot Card Reading because of her extensive expertise. She possesses exceptional abilities as well as solutions to any issue. Since building a sizable clientele isn't everyone's cup of tea, Tarot Tavisha deserves all the accolades in the world.


Certified for completing Osho Zen Tarot Course from Zazen Tarot Space

फोकस एरिया

Tarot Reading, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Pendulum Dowsing, Psychic Reading


Certified for completing Advance Level Professional Tarot Course from Zazen Tarot Space. Certified for completing Zibu Symbols Course from Astro Vaastu Numero Solutions: B+ An Occult Science Academia

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