Acharya Sunil Kumar D

నైపుణ్యం: Vedic, Prashna / Horary, Face Reading

అనుభవం: 30 + Years of Experience

భాష: Hindi

సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు:
30/నిమి 180/నిమి
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సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు

30/నిమి 180/నిమి

About Acharya Sunil Kumar D

Acharya Suniel, a venerable sage in the realm of ancient wisdom, beckons seekers to unlock the mysteries of the cosmos and illuminate the pathways of their destinies. With over four decades of profound experience, he stands as a paragon of insight and guidance in the sacred sciences of Vedic Astrology, Prashna/Horary, and Face Reading.

Acharya Suniel's mastery of Vedic Astrology transcends mere calculations, delving into the spiritual dimensions that shape the course of human lives. Through his deep understanding of planetary influences and cosmic energies, he unveils the hidden patterns of destiny, offering seekers profound insights and clarity.

In addition to his expertise in astrology, Acharya Suniel is adept at the ancient art of Prashna/Horary, providing immediate answers to pressing questions through intuitive divination. His skill in Face Reading reveals the intricate nuances of personality and destiny, guiding individuals towards self-awareness and empowerment.

Conducting sessions exclusively in Hindi, Acharya Suniel creates a nurturing and immersive environment for seekers to explore the depths of their souls and unlock the secrets of their destinies. In the sacred realm of ancient wisdom, he stands as a beacon of light, illuminating the pathways towards self-realization, fulfillment, and spiritual evolution.



ఫోకస్ ఏరియా

Vedic,Prashna / Horary,Face Reading

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