Acharya Sheel J

Acharya Sheel J

  • Vedic, Tarot Reading, Numerology
  • 5 + Years of Experience
  • Hindi
  • 17/min 102/min

Consultation Charges

17/min 102/min

About Acharya Sheel J

Acharya Sheel has been working as an astrologer for a long time. Vedic astrology is his primary area of interest and competence, and he has made tremendous life advancements. Additionally, he has acquired understanding in occult disciplines like numerology and tarot reading. He is well-versed in the intricate aspects of astrology thanks to age and experience, and he hopes to advance in this field further. His simple yet effective remedies have proven to be of tremendous help to his clients, who come from all walks of life. Helping people has become one of his favourite aspects of his job, so he plans to stick with it.

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