Tarot Saudamini

નિપુણતા: Tarot Reading, Reiki, Crystal Healing

અનુભવ: 3 + Years of Experience

ભાષા: English, Hindi

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39/મિનિટ 111/મિનિટ
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કન્સલ્ટેશન ચાર્જ

39/મિનિટ 111/મિનિટ

About Tarot Saudamini

Saudamini is a Tarot Card Reader who also practices Reiki, Crystal Healing, Angel Reading, Quantum healing, and is Psychic too. She uses energy as a tool to access divine information about a person's circumstances. She has several years of work in people services and experience in counseling individuals using empathic and intuitive skills. She is now recognized as a leading figure in her career, who has helped hundreds of people with various ethnic backgrounds, who seek her holistic advice on a range of issues. She has met and served people from many walks of life in both domestic and international geographies.

Tarot Saudamini's consultations are meaningful and win her clients’ trust in her. People benefit significantly from her remedies. Moreover, Saudamini is a gifted Oracle who reads from multiple decks. She is always infused with an unending desire to aid her clients.

So, if you're looking for a love, career, relationship, wealth, health, life purpose reading, or general guidance for a problem, Saudamini is here to help!


Bachelor of Arts from University of Delhi
Master of Business Administration from University of Delhi

ફોકસ એરિયા

Tarot Reading, Reiki, Crystal Healing, Angel Reading, Psychic Reading


Diploma in Tarot Card Reading from Indian Institute of Skill Development Training

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