Tarot Sarika S

Tarot Sarika S

  • Tarot Reading
  • 1 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi
  • 12/मिनट 72/मिनट

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12/मिनट 72/मिनट

About Tarot Sarika S

Tarot Sarika has been inclined towards the occult world for several years and then she started her venture into the world of Tarot. By the grace of God, she had been able to answer all the queries of her clients and bring peace to their lives.

Tarot Sarika feels calm, blessed, and grounded after getting into the world of Tarot and loves to offer some help to the people around her. No matter what your concern is, she is equipped with every solution with the most effective remedies. If you are looking for a competent fortune teller then Tarot Sarika is the one for you.


Bachelor of Science from Kanpur University
Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management from The Institute of Productivity and Management

विशेषज्ञता का मुख्य क्षेत्र

Tarot Reading


Certified as a Professional Tarot Card Reader by Astro Galaxy
Certified Switch Word Expert from Astro Galaxy

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