Acharya Rajiiv Dev

Acharya Rajiiv Dev

  • Vedic, Lal Kitab, Numerology, Vastu
  • 25 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
  • 77/min

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About Acharya Rajiiv Dev

I predict through various branches of astrology - Lal Kitab, KP System, Horary Astrology, & Parashari; have expertise in family matters related queries, finance astrology, & share market.


Mechanical Engineer, Certified Technical Analyst, Jyotish Visharat (KPSARI-Chennai)

Focus Area

Rajiv S Khattar, a mechanical engineer by profession, is a respected name in astrologers fraternity. He has studied various branches of astrology like Lal Kitab, KP System and Parashari in detail. He also has a strong foundation in Numerology, Horary Astrology & Vastu. His current interest lies in Financial Astrology and studying impact of planets on share market. He writes for various magazines and websites regularly.


I was introduced to palmistry , numerology and astrology by my sister way back in 1980 . She in turn had learnt from Ms Vijaya Raju. I was very fortunate to spend quality time with Ms Vijaya Raju listening to her predictions while doing mathematical & astrological calculations for her.

Her accurate predictions used to stun me and I started developing a secret desire to learn astrology and guiding the clients by predicting accurately. I learnt many systems of astrology and many branches of astrology from various masters personally. I offer following five types of services to my clients:

Remedial Astrology: Propitiate malefic planets to get positive results. Convert lemons into lemonades. We suggest easy to perform and result oriented remedial measures to solve your burning problems. We work on the principles just like paracetamol tablets, which are given to control fever in our body.

Fever is discomfort and paracetamol is the remedy. We cannot stop the rains but don’t we undertake protection( umbrella / raincoat ) to get past the rains? Similarly we believe that we cannot stop or alter the movements of the planets but we can use astrological remedies as a tool to put a protective shield on us to get protection from malefic planets.


After going through lots of ups and downs in business ( thanks to business partners ) , I sought help from many business consultants , management Gurus and lawyers to get rid of my problems but their solutions didn’t solve my problems as their approach were very general in nature whereas I had wanted very specific solutions to my typical problems .

At this point of disappointment , my mother suggested that I start studying a few astrology books left by my grandfather for me. On her advice ,I started studying astrology seriously to find solutions to my problems . I got very quick and positive results after applying the principles of remedial astrology.

When I analysed my horoscope again from profession’s point of view, I found that I was not destined to earn from engineering but from astrology & stock market That was the turning point in my life and I decided to leave Mechanical Engineering behind and to take up astrology & stocks investing as a full time profession.

This profession gives me a lot of job satisfaction as it gives me an opportunity to help those who are suffering and very often the clients pay me many times more than my usual consultation fees. Moreover financial astrology helps me a lot to earn easy money by investing in the share market.


Writing , Reading and Travelling


Honoured from Badrikashram Shankracharya , Mrs Kiran Bedi , and Mr Giridhar Gomang . Many successful predictions on share market ,film stars and cricket matches posted in yahoo groups & blogs.


Remedial Astrology: We use all forms of remedial measures like gems , vastu , lucky metals , herbs & roots , numerology even these days we are exploring tantra to get quick relief from negative planets . we don’t reject any form of remedial measure until it is proved otherwise.

Financial Astrology: How to invest wisely n profitably in Indian Stock market using astrology. We don’t give intraday tips nor do we deal in futures and options. Our services are for those who want to invest their spare money in the Indian Stocks for profits.

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