Acharya Rajiiv Dev

Acharya Rajiiv Dev

  • Lal Kitab, Numerology, Vastu, KP, Vedic
  • 25 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
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149/min 51/min

About Acharya Rajiiv Dev

He predicts through Nakshtra Nadi system of astrology and suggest remedies through Lal Kitab, Gemology & Mantras. This profession gives him a lot of job satisfaction as it gives him an opportunity to help those who are suffering. He has experience of over two decades of giving consultation to thousands of satisfied clients from all over the world, mainly from UK, USA, Canada, and Australia & Dubai. He also teaches various forms of astrology & stock market courses to interested students. He specializes in queries related to Love, Family matters, Money matters, Stock Market, Debt & Legal issues. He is soft spoken, jovial and listens patiently to clients’ problems & queries, this makes you consult him in an effortless & comfort manner.


Mechanical Engineer and Certified Technical Analyst (NISM) ,Acharyaa Rajiiv Dev is a Certified Astrologer “Jyotish Visharath ” from K.P. Stellar Astrological Research Institute, Chennai.

Focus Area

Acharya Rajiiv Dev, a Mechanical Engineer by education, is a respected name in astrologers’ fraternity. He regularly writes for various publications and websites. Conducting online & offline classes on astrology & stock market remains his passion. To lead life successfully & peacefully, he emphasizes on following Do’s & Don’ts based on Varshphal Chart (Annual chart based on Lalkitab system of astrology ) (Birth date to next birth date ). Solving complicated matters, through easy to perform astrological remedies, related to education , career, family matters, financial issues, marriage & court cases remains his specialty


He was introduced to palmistry, numerology and astrology by his sister way back in 1980. She in turn had learnt from Ms. Vijaya Raju. He considers himself very fortunate to spend quality time with Ms. Vijaya Raju listening to her predictions while doing mathematical & astrological calculations for her. Her accurate predictions used to stun him and he started developing a secret desire to learn astrology and guiding the clients by predicting accurately. Later he learnt, in person, many systems of astrology from many masters.

You can’t stop the rains but can use an umbrella to move in the rains. Similarly we cannot stop or alter the movements of the planets but we can use astrological remedies as a tool to put a protective shield on us to get protection from malefic planets. He strongly believes that when life gives you lemons, convert them into lemonade. He suggests easy to perform remedial measures to solve clients’ burning problems. In his system of remedies, he believes in appeasing the malefic planets i.e. requesting them through prayers & mantra chanting not to harm and strengthening the favourable planets to extract maximum benefits from them.


This profession of more than two decades gives him a lot of job satisfaction as it gives him an opportunity to help those who are suffering. Financial astrology helps him a lot to earn easy money by investing in the share market.

He has been associated with AstroSage since 2012 and it's been almost 9 years of helping the people in distress.


Teaching, Training and Travelling


Honoured from Badrikashram Shankracharya, Mrs Kiran Bedi, and Mr. Giridhar Gomang .Many successful predictions on share market,film stars and cricket matches posted in yahoo groups & blogs.


Remedial Astrology: He suggests all forms of remedial measures like Lalkitab, use of gems, vastu changes without (or minimal) breaking down the structure , lucky metals , herbs roots and numerology

Financial Astrology: He guides when to invest wisely n profitably in blue chip companies of Indian Stock market according to lucky time period. He doesn’t advocate to trade intraday nor does he encourage to trade in F&O segment. He bluntly discourages to invest in the stock market if the stars are not in favour.



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