Acharya Hitesh Sharma

Acharya Hitesh Sharma

  • Western Astrologer
  • 22 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi, Punjabi
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About Acharya Hitesh Sharma

"With the profound experience of over 22 years in Western Astrology, Acharya Hitesh Sharma has mastered the art of delivering predictions by deeply analysing the kundlis and forecasting upcoming events based on the placement of planets, stars and other combinations. He has studied more than 27, 000 birth charts and has a huge clientage across the globe.

He has earned a great reputation among his clients for his unique method of Kundli analysis and imparting valuable and practical suggestions. Also, he strongly believes in the term, "Character is Destiny", which is why he has become capable of reading the character or actions of his clients within no time.

He always emphasizes altering the Karma and actions of his clients with the help of planetary configuration in their horoscopes. Most of his suggestions aim towards changing the habits and actions of his clients in a better way.

Hindi, English, and Punjabi are the languages he is well-versed in. "


Computer Diploma & Graduation.

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