Acharya SK Sharma

నైపుణ్యం: Vedic, Lal Kitab, Vastu

అనుభవం: 5 + Years of Experience

భాష: Hindi, Punjabi

సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు:
20/నిమి 120/నిమి
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సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు

20/నిమి 120/నిమి

About Acharya SK Sharma

Acharya SK, with over half a decade of expertise in Vedic astrology, Lal Kitab, and Vastu, brings profound insights and practical solutions to his clients. Rooted in ancient wisdom, his approach combines the timeless principles of these disciplines with modern understanding,

offering guidance that resonates with individuals seeking clarity and harmony in their lives. With a deep understanding of the cosmic energies and their impact on human existence, Acharya SK provides personalized consultations, remedial measures, and guidance for navigating life's challenges and unlocking its true potential.

His dedication to his craft and commitment to empowering others make him a trusted advisor, guiding seekers on their journey towards fulfillment and prosperity. Through his teachings and consultations, Acharya SK continues to illuminate the path towards spiritual growth and holistic well-being.


PHD from Jalandhar

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