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Acharya Deepanshu

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About Acharya Deepanshu

Deepanshu Singh Kushwaha writes articles and theories on Indian Astrology. He has more than 12 years of experience in Indian Astrology (Jyotish). He is the author of one of the “easiest and compact” books available on Horoscope matching. This book is readily available on Amazon Kindle by the name “AshtaKoot Guna Milan”.

His articles and videos have appeared many times on the world’s No 1 Astrology Site – “AstroSage”. He contributes to many efforts through his teaching and asks to give up wrong practices in Vedic Astrology. His articles usually focus on the authentic use of Indian Jyotish.

He is an xpert in Vedic astrology and focuses on the areas of marriage, career, Naming Ceremony(Namakaran) and Progeny. He is excellent in delivering the speech on “Karma Theory of Vedic scriptures”.

He is one of the biggest promoters of Lord Shiva’s Teachings. Plus, he is the knower of one of the rarest known techniques of Indian astrology named “Tattva Ank Jyotish”. He has revealed this technique in the videos which are readily available on AstroSage’s Youtube channel.


Bachelors in Textile Design - NIFT

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Well versed and experienced in consultation for every aspect of life.


He belongs to the Kshatriya Clan of Sri Ram, but, because of his father’s interest in Vedic science, he got into this stream of Jyotish. His father is his first teacher of his Jyotish knowledge and he taught him the authentic basics of Indian Jyotish after which he learnt the advanced astrology through his father’s teachings and Sri K.N Rao books.

His father is a Palmist and Astrologer too, but he chose the path of Jyotish only. He is currently learning the techniques of Past Life Astrology which is one of the hardest topics of Indian Jyotish.


I was destined to be one. Our choice can never dominate the choice of our stars.


R & D on birth charts, Analyse the Omens, Interacting with people who have supernatural powers. Dream interpretations.

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