Acharya Dr Bharat Bhushan

నైపుణ్యం: Vedic, Vastu, Nadi, Numerology

అనుభవం: 20 + Years of Experience

భాష: Hindi, English

సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు:
20/నిమి 120/నిమి
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సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు

20/నిమి 120/నిమి

About Acharya Dr Bharat Bhushan

Acharya Bharat, with over two decades of expertise, is a renowned practitioner in Vedic, Vastu, Nadi, Numerology, Ashtakvarga, and Face Reading. His profound knowledge extends across various ancient sciences, offering insightful guidance to individuals seeking a deeper understanding of their lives and destinies. A dedicated master of Vedic principles,

Acharya Bharat applies his wisdom to provide comprehensive insights into astrology, numerology, and the science of vastu, facilitating positive transformations. With a keen eye for detail, he excels in face reading, unraveling the secrets hidden within facial features.

Clients benefit from Acharya Bharat's holistic approach, harmonizing ancient wisdom with contemporary challenges, making him a trusted guide in navigating life's journey with wisdom and foresight.


Vidyavaridhi (PhD) from Sampoornanand Sanskrit Vishwavidyalaya

ఫోకస్ ఏరియా

Vedic,Vastu,Nadi,Numerology,Ashtakvarga,Face Reading

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