Avinash Vishnu Patankar

Avinash Vishnu Patankar

  • Vedic, KP, Vastu
  • 7 + Years of Experience
  • English, Hindi, Marathi
  • 40 14/min

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40 14/min

About Avinash Vishnu Patankar

I hail from a place called Sewri. I have completed my Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunication and after that, Post Diploma in Computer maintenance engineering. In 2018, I enrolled in a course for Tantra Mantra Jyotish and Upay and Shiv Saroday at Brahmand Jyotish Vidyalay. While pursuing that course, I started taking interest in Vastu Shastra and then started the same.

Then in 2009-2010, I studied Jyotish of Paramparic and Krishna Murthy at Datta Jyotish Vidyalaya under the guidance of Mr. Vijay Hazari. After that, I also learned the basic and advanced course of Paramparik at Shri Jyotish Classes under the guidance of Mandar Kerkar. During that time, in 2012-2013, I did a basic and advanced course of Dowsing and geomancy under the guidance of Mr. Arvi Vaidya. Then in 2013-2014, I did Pranic Healing basic, advanced, psychotherapy, crystalizing, achievement in one the higher soul and Arhatic Yoga, upto six levels.

Available Time

11 AM - 9 PM, Monday to Sunday


Diploma in Electronic & Tele. Comm

Post Diploma Course In Computer Maintenance Eng.


Achieved 99.99% results in Astrology

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