Acharyaa Akanksha S

నైపుణ్యం: Vedic, Tarot Reading, Numerology

అనుభవం: 5 + Years of Experience

భాష: English, Hindi

సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు:
33/నిమి 90/నిమి
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సంప్రదింపు చార్జీలు

33/నిమి 90/నిమి

About Acharyaa Akanksha S

Acharyaa Akanksha Ji is an expert in Vedic and Tarot Reader with several years of experience in this field. Additionally, she also specializes in Vastu, Numerology, and Angel Reading. Her goal is to guide people toward the path of spirituality and truth using her skills and knowledge.

Acharyaa Akanksha Ji can deliver excellent consults in Hindi and English languages, which attracts a massive client base from different parts of the country and abroad as well. She has helped people deal with life-wrecking issues arising in their careers, love life, marriage, financial life, health, education, etc.

అందుబాటు సమయము

10:00 AM to 4:00 PM


Master of Arts in English (H) from Rohilkhand University
Master of Business Administration in Human Resources from Sikkim Manipal University
Certified as Jyotish Bhushan in Vedic Astrology from All India Federation of Astrological Societies
Certified Numerology Expert from Vibes Vastu, Tarot Card Reader from Psychic Reading Academy
Occult Remedy Expert from Astro Galaxy

ఫోకస్ ఏరియా

Vedic, Vastu, Tarot Reading, Numerology, Angel Reading

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