Tarot Laika

நிபுணர்: Tarot Reading, Psychic Reading

அனுபவம்: 2 + Years of Experience

மொழி : Hindi, English, Assamese

ஆலோசனை கட்டணங்கள்:
35/நிமி 70/நிமி
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ஆலோசனை கட்டணங்கள்

35/நிமி 70/நிமி

About Tarot Laika

In the mystical realm of divination, Tarot Laikasaikia stands as an eminent figure, revered for her proficiency in a plethora of ancient sciences. Specializing in Lal Kitab, Tarot Reading, Reiki, Psychic Reading, and Face Reading, she possesses a diverse skill set honed over multiple years of practice.

Renowned for her intuitive prowess and profound insights, seekers from far and wide seek her counsel. Embracing inclusivity, Tarot Laikasaikia conducts sessions in Hindi, English, and Assamese, bridging linguistic barriers to offer her wisdom and guidance to a diverse clientele. With a formidable reputation and unwavering dedication, she continues to illuminate the paths of those yearning for enlightenment and direction.

கவனம் செலுத்தும் பகுதி

Lal Kitab, Tarot Reading, Reiki, Psychic Reading, Face Reading

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