Acharyaa Bosky Kalpesh

நிபுணர்: Vedic, Kp System, Tarot Reading

அனுபவம்: 10 + Years of Experience

மொழி : Hindi, Gujarati

ஆலோசனை கட்டணங்கள்:
30/நிமி 90/நிமி
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ஆலோசனை கட்டணங்கள்

30/நிமி 90/நிமி

About Acharyaa Bosky Kalpesh

Vedic Astrology is one of the many fields in which Acharyaa Bosky Kalpesh has knowledge in. Her other subjects include KP System, Vastu, Numerology, Marriage Matching, Reiki, Prashna / Horary and Muhurta. In her decade long journey as Astro Consultant she has brought immense joy and shielded people from unforeseeable future. Her idea of life is karmas that lead us and define us. In her client interactions as well, people have been highly benefited by her simple yet effective remedies. Acharyaa Bosky Kalpesh is ready for consultations in Hindi and Gujarati.

கிடைக்கக்கூடிய நேரம்

10:00 AM to 03:00 PM


Certified in Chaldean & Vedic Numerology from Siddhi Foundation
Certified Tarot Card Reader from Tarot Spiritual world

கவனம் செலுத்தும் பகுதி

Vedic, KP System, Tarot Reading, Vastu, Numerology, Marriage Matching, Reiki, Prashna / Horary, Muhurta

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